Donna Cunningham, an internationally respected astrologer with over 35 years of experience, is the author of 17 books and thousands of articles on metaphysical topics. You can see Donna's monthly advice column online at Dell Horoscope Magazine and a new excerpt from her books each month at The MetaArts online metaphysical magazine.

Listed in several Who's Who volumes, she has given seminars on astrology around the world, and her books have been translated into numerous foreign languages. In 1998, she was awarded the prestigious Regulus Award at the United Astrology Congress for her contributions to Theory and Understanding. Donna also has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. She uses this combined approach in her "Dear Abby" type column in Dell Horoscope and her ongoing series of articles in The Mountain Astrologer. Read more about her here.


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FREE ASTROLOGICAL GUIDANCE: For the past 12 years, Donna has done a "Dear Abbey" type advice column in Dell Horoscope Magazine. To send a question to the column by email, click on the box at the right. Include your birth information along with your question--day, month, year, place and time, including AM or PM. Your name and location will not be published, and if your question is selected, you'll be notified by the editor.

DONNA'S NEW BLOG--SKYWRITER: Donna's newest insights on astrology, metaphysics, and healing can be delivered to your email box the very day they are written. Visit her blog and sign up for a free subscription here.

I highly recommend reading any and all of the material Donna Cunningham posts on her blog. We all got lucky when she decided to come play in blog-land!

FREE ARTICLE DOWNLOAD: "The Vocational Angst of the 1960s Generation." Read about their midlife crisis, why it centers around career difficulties, and what many of them are doing to resolve it.

FREE BOOKLET: "The Astrological Wit and Wisdom of Donna Cunningham" is a 21-page sampler of thoughts and observations culled from Donna's e-books. Download it here. It's a big file, so if you're on dialup, it may take a few minutes. Feel free to pass it along to others, so long as the copyright is maintained. (Can't download it? Ask for it by e-mail.)

NEW TO ASTROLOGY? Download a free 11 page Glossary of Astrological Terms or ask for a copy by e-mail.

Incidentally, if you're looking for a place to study astrology without ever leaving home, we'd highly recommend the Online College of Astrology. They offer dozens of courses on all levels from beginning to professional, and their instructors are highly-seasoned and well-regarded certified astrologers. The curriculum, also, is designed by astrological educators from several of professional organizations.

MERCURY RETROGRADE DATES: For those who are more advanced students, here is a table of Mercury Retrograde periods between 2006 and 2010. For more information--and to correct a lot of MISinformation--about these windows, download Donna's article on how to use Mercury Retrograde well.

Donna has numerous book excerpts online at, which ranks her as one of their Expert Authors. You can also read a new excerpt from her books each month at The MetaArts free online metaphysical magazine.

Donna is an editor and frequent contributor for Vibration Magazine and Blog, the free online educational journal about flower essences. Donna is also internationally-recognized as a teacher, writer, and publisher in the field of flower remedies, which she has researched since 1981. (See Donna's ebook about the essences at Moon Maven Publications.

FREE ADVICE AND RESOURCES FOR WRITERS: See Moon Maven Publication's page of resources for writers and a downloadable sample of Donna's tips here.

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